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LATEST NEWS ⮞    Admission Open for the Academic year 2024. School reopens on 03/06/2024.

Mandatory Public Disclosure

Name of the school with address Gayathri Central School, South Monkuzhy,
(Strictly as per Affiliation sanction letter or Pullikkanakku P.O, Kayamkulam, Alappuzha
as permitted by the Board, with Pin Code no.) : Kerala-690537
NOC G.O.(MS)No.4/2012/G.Edn.
NOC Issuing Date 06/01/2012
Is the school recognized , if yes by which Authority Yes, Central Board of Secondary Education
Affiliation No. 930855
Affiliation Grant Year 2012
Affiliation Validity 2024
Affiliation Status Provisional
Period upto which Registration of Trust/Society is valid Gayathri Educational and Charitable Trust
Name of the Principal Mrs Leena Shankar
Principal’s Mobile Number 9947091406
Contact Number 0479 2331398
Email Id
Landmark Near School Global Mariam Pilgrim Centre, Kattachira
Total number of sites of school 1
Total number of playgrounds in school 3
Number of building blocks of school 5
Total number of rooms 59
Total number of medium-sized rooms 51
Number of Auditoriums 2
Total number of digital class rooms 50
Total number of Libraries 1
Total number of female rest rooms 6
Total number of canteens 0
Total number of Toilets 186
Total number of boys toilets 108
Total number of washrooms for female staff 6
Are the health and hygiene, toilets on all floors, separate toiletsfor staff, ramps, signboards, etc being maintained properly ? Yes
Total area of school in Square Meters 8296
Total area of playground in Square Meters 3000
Does the school has a boundary wall ? Yes
Total number of small sized rooms 4
Number of large sized rooms 4
Total number of activity rooms 7
Total number of Lifts/Elevators 0
Total number of Laboratories 2
Total number of male rest room 2
Number of staff canteens 0
Number of girls’ Toilets 88
Number of toilets for differently abled persons 1
Number of washrooms for male staff 3
Is the school infrastructure being used for any commercial activity ? No
Number of water purifiers/Ros available in school 11
Does the school have sports facility ? Yes
Does the school have a Swimming Pool ? No
Does the school have a Gymnasium ? Yes
Total number of computers (All computer labs combined) 40
Is your school Wi-fi enabled ? Yes
Does the school have clinic facility ? No
Does the school have fire alarms ? Yes
Does your school have water sprinklers ? No
Are CCTV cameras installed in areas of security concern? Yes
Does the school have a strong room ? Yes
Does the school have indoor games facility ? Yes
Does the school have Dance/Music facility ? Yes
Does the school have Hostel Facility ? No
Does the school have a Web Server ? Yes
Provision of Web based learning programs ? Yes
Is the school examination center of CBSE ? No
Does the school have ramps for physically handicapped ? Yes
Does the school have fire extinguishers ? Yes
Are sufficient number of guards employed for safety ? Yes
Total number of buses owned by school 12
Total number of buses hired by school 0
Total number of Vans/Mini Buses/Matadors 0
Number of female attendants for transport duty 12
Total number of drivers 12
Name of Transport coordinator Meera Bhai
Contact number of Transport coordinator 9207339944
Total books available in the school library 7500
Periodicals in the school library 15
Dailies in the school library 7
Reference books in the school library 1000
Library resources 1
Does it have library software ? Yes
Library size (in sq.meters) 74.34
Computer Lab size (in Sq.meters) 37.17
Composite science labe size (in Sq.meters) 46.46
Chemistry Lab (in Sq.meters) 0
Chemistry Lab (in Sq.meters) 0
Physics Lab (in Sq.meters) 0
How many rooms between 400 to 500 Sq.ft. 55
Does it have library internet ? Yes
Total number of laboratory 4
Whether school has single continuous plot ? Yes
School site (Temporary/Permanent) Permanent
Distance between two sites of the school 0
Purpose for two sites of the school 0
Biology Lab (in sq.meters) 0
Mathematics lab size (in sq. meters) 37.17
Certifying that no other institution (apart from school) is running in the claimed land area Yes
The school will not run any branch in the previous plot with same affiliation no Yes
How many rooms less than 400 sq.ft. 0
How many rooms greaer than 500 sq.ft. 4