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LATEST NEWS ⮞    Admission Open for the Academic year 2024. Summer Camp – Medholsavam 2024 from 13/05/2024 to 18/05/2024


Here the School takes the initiative to see that all the Scholastic and Co-Scholastic activities have been in tune with the specific infrastructures and curriculum given by the CBSE, New Delhi so that learning can be more Student-Centric to get the Students attuned to the needs of today’s Society.

Again what makes the Scholastic and Co-Scholastic works more relevant and comprehensive are the fact that while designing the curriculum, giving lessons and implementing all the activities, we have the age of our students in mind. That means all our lessons and activities are meant for the overall development of the life skills and values of the adolescent student community.

A multi-storied building houses our High School Section with the much needed Smart Boards, sophisticated Labs and updated Libraries.