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LATEST NEWS ⮞    Admission Open for the Academic year 2024. School reopens on 03/06/2024.

Rules & Regulations


  1. Working hours of the school: 08:30am – 03:00pm
    • Regular classes will be conducted on all week days with 7 periods of 45 minutes duration each.
    • 08:30am – 09:00am : Assembly activities & Roll call
    • 09:00am – 03:00pm : Regular classes with 7 periods including Activity periods
    • 11:15am – 11:30am : Snacks time
    • 01:00pm – 01:30pm : Lunch time
    • 03:00pm – 03:05pm : Bus Boarding arrangements.
    • Std.I &II
      • Our Kids Section is equipped with two Mini Theatres for lab activities, one for Language and one for Skill development of the students.
      • 2 periods on each day will be exclusively dedicated for activities like Health and Physical Education, Art & Craft, Origami, Music, Drawing and Painting, Lab activities etc.
      • Remaining 5 periods will be devoted for academic purposes.
      • 1 period will be exclusively dedicated for activities like Health and Physical Education, Art & Craft, Music, Drawing and Painting etc.
      • Remaining 6 periods will be devoted for academic purposes.
      • 1 period will be exclusively dedicated for activities like Health and Physical Education, Art & Craft, Debate, Group Discussion, Seminars, Mock Parliaments, Street Play etc.
      • Remaining 6 periods will be devoted for academic purposes.
  2. Parents are advised to go through the diary; circulars and other means of communications, if any, everyday.
  3. If you are sending the fees through your ward, please mention the amount and the purpose in the diary, then verify the receipts given and please clear the doubts, if any, on the next working day itself. Please keep the receipts in your safe custody for making any clarifications in future.
  4. Don’t hesitate to inform the school, the change in your address, phone no. or e-mail address.
  5. Parents are not allowed to escort their wards to the classroom. They are advised to accompany them up to a certain point/ area ear-marked by the school. Pupil who come late will be admitted to the classes only with the permission of the competent authority.
  6. The school does not appreciate our students’ attention in any private tuition classes.
  7. No pupil is allowed to go home during the school hours. In the case of extreme necessity parents themselves with their ID Cards provided from the school must come to take them home. If somebody else comes, the child is released only if the Parents ID Card (as mentioned above) is produced with authorization letter and also must be convincing enough for the school authorities.
  8. Parents are not expected to question the decision, academic or disciplinary, of the teachers directly. They are free to raise their genuine complaints to the competent authority the school mentions.
  9. Parents are always welcome to check the progress of their children in studies and formation. Parents can visit the school every working day between 03:30pm and 04:30pm. This visit will serve as a lot to strengthen parent-teacher relationship essential in education.
  10. Whether in uniform or in casuals the parents must see to it that their ward presents an impeccable appearance with neatly pressed dress and hair combed or done neatly. Students are advised to wear the school uniform only when they are attending the school, wearing it on other occasions, can’t simply be appreciated.
  11. Students are not permitted to absent themselves from the classes. In case of an absence, you have to produce a letter of absence from the parent/guardian.
  12. In case of a student’s absence from the school for three or more consecutive days on medical grounds, please produce a medical certificate from the doctor concerned or something domestic the parents/guardian have to come in person with the letter of absence.
  13. The character and the conduct of the students both inside and outside of the school will be under our strict surveillance, and rash behaviour and disobedience will call for disciplinary action. Students are advised to follow the dictum “Manners Maketh Man”.
  14. You are rest assured that the school takes maximum care in teaching, nursing and safeguarding your children, but trivial mistakes from our side may be overlooked.


  1. Parents are expected to take prompt action on the instructions given through the diary or through the school circulars.
  2. Make sure that your ward brings his/her napkin, water bottles and other things (academic) everyday. The school authorities cannot be held responsible for the loss of any valuables of the student either inside or outside, or in transit.
  3. Always bring boiled water in transparent water bottles. Bringing drinking water in liquor bottles is strictly forbidden.
  4. The school bags and other belongings of your wards will be checked at random to avoid anything untoward to happen.
  5. Students should avoid bringing non vegetarian food like chicken and other meat items and also avoid oily and spicy food.
  6. The birthday sweets pack of the students should be of branded companies. It should be sealed with the manufacturing date and a minimum three months for the expiry date shown legibly on the pack.
  7. Ensure that your child is not attending the school while he/she is suffering from any disease.
  8. The school can’t simply tolerate girls wearing skin tight clothes and sleeveless pieces of clothing.
  9. As for boys they are strictly forbidden to wear low-waist pants and short shirts and other pieces of clothing with repulsive features.
  10. Pupil below Class-V should not wear wrist watches in school.
  11. Girls are advised to wear only small ear studs along with the uniform. No other ornament is allowed along with the uniform. Girls have to keep their hair plaited (if long enough) with ribbon. No makeup is allowed.
  12. Boys are advised not to wear any gold ornaments along with the uniform.
  13. School would like to entertain the presence of either the father or the mother or both for the meeting convened by the school authorities. If they cannot make themselves available or are residing abroad, the presence of only the guardian whose name is in the school record can attend it on behalf of the parent.
  14. Parents are aware of the fact that the school conducts co-curricular activities and competitions like Oratory Competition, Cultural Fest, Youth Fest & Sports. The selected candidates for different events will have to participate and compete at the Interschool, District and State level.
  15. The school entertains only those children to participate in our school programme finals whose parents give us a written assurance that their child will participate at the higher levels of competitions, if selected.
    Here dear parents are reminded that you should extend a helping hand, financially or otherwise, to help your child participate at the higher levels of competitions.

  16. Parents are requested to go through the rules and regulations prescribed; and help and co-operate in maintaining the standard our school is expected.
  17. Parents are not expected to endear the teachers by way of any kinds of appeasements.
  18. There will be an increase of ten to fifteen percent in the fee structure annually.
  19. No- Dues Receipt should be received from the school Administrative Office before the completion of each term as it would be required while getting the Admit Card that the school provides for Final Term Examination.


  1. The school conduct Class Tests, Periodic Tests & Term Examinations. Report of marks are informed to the parents through our Edunext Platform. Promotions to the next higher class is based on the total performance of the students as assessed by such examinations and assessments both internal and written. Viva will be conducted for students from class VI onwards. Grading is done according to the standard norms.
  2. Leave during examination is to be sanctioned only by the Principal.
  3. Absence during tests and exams will be viewed very seriously.
  4. Students who lack 80% attendance are not eligible to appear for the Annual Examination.


  1. All our students can be enrolled as the members of the library on filling up a separate Form of request undersigned by the parent/guardian.
  2. Every member of the school library must get a membership by paying Rs.50, and the membership shall be activated on your Identity Card.
  3. Library is open from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm.
  4. Strict silence and discipline have to be observed in the Library and the reading room.
  5. A student can renew a book for three more days in case he/she desires to keep it for further reading.
  6. Students must return the book(s) within a fortnight from the date of borrowing.
  7. Library books should be returned on or before the due date indicated. Any delay will result in a fine of Rs. 10/- per book per day.
  8. Library books will be issued only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday during the afternoon session.
  9. Get the books checked from the library before taking it home. If you find something amiss /wrong, bring it to the notice of the librarian or the person in charge.
  10. You will be penalized/fined if you bring the book back to the library with markings, underlining or cutting.
  11. Don’t fold the library books to suit your convenience. Make sure that you don’t spoil the book or making it dogeared.
  12. In case of the book getting spoiled or lost, students can expect strict actions like paying double the amount of the books and membership being cancelled.
  13. Textbooks, Reference books, journals and periodicals are to be read in the school reading room. That means you cannot take them home.
  14. No book, magazine or newspaper shall be taken out of the library without the permission of the librarian or the teacher-in- charge.
  15. The librarian may ask for a book at any time even if the normal period of the loan has not expired.
  16. Students can’t keep the library books with them during long breaks or vacation. Books must be returned to the library at least two days before the commencement of vacation.
  17. Don’t share the school library books with outsiders.
  18. It is the responsibility of the students to take care of the possessions in the library including furniture and in case of violation, compensation shall be recovered.
  19. Before the end of every academic year, the students have to get ‘NO DUES CERTIFICATE’ from the library for promotion or other academic purposes.
  20. The above said rules are applicable to members of teaching staff and clerical staff also.

  1. Students should apply for leave in the prescribed form only.
  2. When students take short leave (a day or two) they should submit their leave letter either before they take leave or on the same day before 9.00am.
  3. A day’s leave is to be sanctioned by the class teacher.
  4. Two to four days leave have to be sanctioned by the Section In-charge.
  5. More than four days, leave has to be sanctioned only by the Principal.
  6. Prior permission must be obtained from the Section In-charge concerned for leave with valid reasons, other than medical grounds.
  7. If leave is availed for more than three days on account of illness, leave letter must be submitted to the Principal’s office on the first day when leave is availed. In case of illness, Medical Certificate from registered Practitioners must be submitted on the day of joining.
  8. If leave is required for reasons other than sickness, sufficient proof must be produced.
  9. Availing leave for the following reasons has to be avoided by students.
  • Family function (but for blood relatives)
  • Accompanying parents on tour.
  • Simple religious ceremonies.
  • Minding parent’s occupation/business.
  • Preparing for school examinations and other competitive examinations.
  • Entertaining relatives/visitors at home.