Follow the syllabus of CBSE

Aiming at developing the communicative skill from the KG Stream onwards with exemplary study materials from the Smart Room.
Make sure that the curriculum encompasses the knowledge in academic ,social, moral and spiritual arena- making the sum total VALUE- BASED EDUCATION .


English is the medium of instruction and every step is being taken and every effort is being made to develop the spoken and written ability of the students on par with the International Standard.
Malayalam , our Mother tongue , as second language is taught with equal importance and much diligence.
Music, Arts, Health, Physical Education, Information Technology, Moral and Spiritual Education are incorporated as the integral part of school curriculum.
School Hours : I – VIII
Regular teaching Hours : 9.10 AM – 2.50 PM
Remedial Teaching Hours: 8.15 AM – 9.05 AM (Ist Trip & Own Conveyance)
3.00 PM – 4.00 PM (II nd Trip)
School Hours : IX & X 8.15 AM – 4.00 PM
Working Days : MONDAY – FRIDAY


As per the order of Govt. of India & those declared by the Kerala State. Local & Regional holidays will be followed.


MONDAY – SATURDAY : 7.45 AM – 5.00 PM


1. Monthly fee (tuition fee + conveyance fee) should be paid for all the twelve months ie. from May to April.
2. Tuition fee and conveyance fee can be paid either monthly or quarterly. If it is monthly, make the payment on or before the 5th of every month and if quarterly, should be paid on or before the 5th of June, August, November and February. A fine will be levied for any delay in payment.
3. If you are sending the money through your ward, please mention the amount and the purpose in the diary, then verify the receipts given and please clear the doubts, if any, on the next working day itself. Please keep the receipts in your safe custody for making any clarifications in future.
4. Parents are solely responsible if their ward (s) is using independent means of conveyance to attend the school.
5. It is imperative that the students who use their own means of conveyance reach the school at 8.15 am and leave by 3 pm.Those who want any changes in the above timings must get the special permission from the school administrative office in advance.
6. Parents are not allowed to escort their wards to the class room. They are advised to accompany them up to a certain point/ area ear-marked by the school.
7. Parents can visit the school every working day between 03.00pm and 4.30pm.
8. Pupil who come late will be admitted to the classes only with the permission of the competent authority.
9. Make sure that your ward brings his/her napkin, water bottles and other things (academic) everyday.
10. The school authorities cannot be held responsible for the loss of any valuables of the student either inside or outside, or in transit. It’s the sole responsibility of the students to look after their belongings.
11. Parents are advised to go through the diary; circulars and other means of communications, if any, everyday and help your ward to do the homework by encouraging him /her academically.
12. The school does not appreciate our students’ attention in any private tuition classes.
13. Parents are not expected to question the decision, academic or disciplinary, of the teachers directly. They are free to raise their genuine complaints to the competent authority the school mentions.
14. Don’t hesitate to inform the school, the change in your address, phone no. or e-mail address.
15. Whether in uniform or in casuals the parents must see to it that their ward presents an impeccable appearance with neatly pressed dress and hair combed or done neatly. Students are advised to wear the school uniform only when they are attending the school, wearing it on other occasions, can’t simply be appreciated
16. Students are not permitted to absent themselves from the classes. In case of an absence, you have to produce a letter of absence from the parent/guardian.
17. In case of a student’s absence from the school for three or more consecutive days on medical grounds,please produce a medical certificate from the doctor concerned or something domestic the parents/guardian have to come in person with the letter of absence.
18. Parents or others are not permitted to have anything to do with their wards while they are learning their lessons in the class.
19. Parents are hereby informed that no request over phone for any minor or major change (s) in the conveyance of your ward (to and from school) is entertained.
20. No pupil is allowed to go home during the school hours. In the case of extreme necessity parents themselves must come to take them home. If somebody else comes, the child is released only if the authorization letter they bring must be convincing enough for the school authorities.
21. The character and the conduct of the students both inside and outside of the school will be under our strict surveillance, and rash behaviour and disobedience will call for disciplinary action.
22. Pupil below class-V should not wear wrist watches in school.
23. There will be no compromise on discipline.
24. Students are advised to follow the dictum “Manners Maketh Man”.
25. You are rest assured that the school takes maximum care in teaching, nursing and safeguarding your children, but trivial mistakes from our side maybe overlooked.


1. Parents are expected to take prompt action on the instructions given through the diary or through the school circulars.
2. Parents are solely responsible if their ward (s) is using independent means of conveyance to attend the school.
3. The school bags and other belongings especially on the person of your wards will be checked at random to avoid anything untoward to happen.
4. Bringing drinking water in liquor bottles is strictly forbidden.
5. Ensure that your child is not attending the school while he/she is suffering from any disease.
6. The School can’t simply tolerate the modern trend of girls wearing skin tight clothes and sleeveless pieces of clothing.
7. As for boys they are strictly forbidden to wear low-waist pants and short shirts and other pieces of clothing with repulsive features.
8. School would like to entertain the presence of either the father or the mother or both for the meeting convened by the school authorities. If they cannot make themselves available or are residing abroad, the presence of only the guardian whose name is in the school record can attend it on behalf of the parent.
9. Parents are aware of the fact that the school conducts co-curricular activities and competitions like Oratory Competition, Cultural Fest, Youth Fest & Sports. The selected candidates for different events will have to participate and compete at the Interschool, District and State level. The school entertains only those children to participate in our school programme finals whose parents give us a written assurance that their child will participate at the higher levels of competitions, if selected. Here dear parents are reminded that you should extend a helping hand, financially or otherwise, to help your child participate at the higher levels of competitions.
10. Parents are not expected to endear the teachers by way of any kinds of appeasements.
11. Parents are requested to go through the rules and regulations prescribed; and help and co-operate in maintaining the standard our school is expected.
12. There will be an increase of ten to fifteen percent in the fee structure annually.
13. No- Dues receipts should be received from the school Administrative Office as well as from the Laboratory and Library before the 31st of March every year without fail for promotion or other academic purposes.
14. Parents can avail the service of the school website for making any clarifications, if any, and to know some details about the academic affairs of the school.