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LATEST NEWS ⮞    Admission to all classes for the academic year 2021 – 22 is closed from 1st of July 2021.

Special Assembly by Students of Std X

DSCN1440 DSCN1450 DSCN1452 DSCN1454 DSCN1455 DSCN1456 DSCN1457 DSCN1458 DSCN1459 DSCN1460 DSCN1461 DSCN1462 DSCN1463 DSCN1464 DSCN1465 DSCN1466 DSCN1467 DSCN1468 DSCN1469 DSCN1470 DSCN1471 DSCN1472 DSCN1473 DSCN1474 DSCN1477 DSCN1478 DSCN1479 DSCN1480 DSCN1481 DSCN1482 DSCN1483 DSCN1484 DSCN1485 DSCN1486